Our Mission

Our mission is to minimize the existing gap of information and to contribute to the deconstruction of stereotypes in and about the outskirts of the whole metropolitan area of Sao Paulo.

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Our Story

The São Paulo metropolitan area (Grande SP) is made of São Paulo’s 96 districts and 39 surrounding cities. Almost 21 million people live, work, eat, have fun and commute everyday in this large urban area.

We have started our work as a blog hosted at Folha. We launched it on November 24, 2010. There were 20 of us, working with the commitment of publishing one story per day, from Monday to Friday.

Since then, more than a hundred “muralistas” – as we can our local correspondents—have partnered and collaborated with us. These reporters, communicators and bloggers are residents of the neighborhood and cities we cover as a news organization.


The Agência Mural de Jornalismo das Perifeiras

We are a non-profit organization that produces news, data and analysis about the outskirts of the Grande Sao Paulo metropolitan area.

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